We Build Missouri is a project of the Great Plains Laborers District Council, an affiliate of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), that provides opportunities for Iowa construction workers to gain skills to pursue successful careers in the construction and energy development. The Local Unions of the Great Plains Laborers District Council represents hundreds of men and women who are helping build Iowa. We are the state’s leading provider of skilled construction labor on pipeline, power plant, highway, and building construction projects.

We Build Missouri serves the needs of members, contractors, and construction owners by providing flexible workforce solutions; competitive health and retirement benefit programs; and world-class skill and safety training.  Every year, we recruit, train and dispatch hundreds of skilled construction workers for energy, civil and building construction projects.  Our training and safety programs meet or exceed industry standards and help make job sites safer – reducing accident rates, controlling workers’ compensation costs, and saving lives.

No one works harder in the field.  And no one fights harder for job-creating investments. We are the face of the new American energy economy, showing by example how energy jobs can support middle-class careers and sustain the American way of life.